Friday Round-up

Here we are - the weekend is almost here! My parents are supposed to be flying in tomorrow night, so let's keep fingers crossed that Hurricane Joaquin keeps heading out to sea. We don't need another hurricane around these parts! Fall sessions are kicking off this week and I am super excited to get out to the pumpkin patch to document some fall fun. Look for sneak peeks soon!

Okay, here are your Friday reads! Not a lot this week.

The days are getting shorter - here are some tips for getting good light in your photos.

Super random - but this chicken piccata recipe is on my list for next week.

Another round-up of adult coloring books. This cityscape one is on my wish list.

Nikon is opening a museum!

I'm excited about Mae Burke's breakout. I like her view on motherhood.

Flaking out is not self-care. Yes, I agree with this.

My friend Stacey says these two-ingredient pancakes are the bomb. I'm excited to try them!

On manual focus lenses.

This is an awesome list of family photographers. I'm excited to go through and add some to my Facebook feed!

* * *