Lila - Age 3, Week 49 | Long Island, NY Children's Photography

You look like such a big girl in this photo. You had a great time on your first school field trip last week and I was so proud of you for participating in all the activities. Your confidence is really growing. You rode a pony, milked a cow and went on a hay ride! And you touched a lot of animals - chickens, sheep, an alpaca. You saw baby pigs and cows. It was such a great trip! We've been to so many pumpkin patches this year! You picked out two more pumpkins at the end of your field trip. We also went to Hicks on Sunday and although we didn't buy any more pumpkins, we certainly saw a lot of them! You were enthralled by Otto the Ghost at Hicks. You didn't want your picture with him but you did talk to him a few times! I love watching the strong girl you are growing to be!