Logan - Age 1, Week 19 | Long Island, NY Children's Photography

My little menace. You are are killing it with the cute lately. This week you started kissing on command. It is the best! Your sweet open mouth kisses are the best. Watching you kiss Lila is my absolute favorite. You are also starting to learn more signs. Last night I taught you "bath" and "more". You are quite the little daredevil now that you can climb onto the couch and coffee table. You dive everywhere. You love throwing the couch pillows all over the living room and also getting up and dancing on the coffee table. And you always look at me with a teasing grin because you know you shouldn't be doing what your doing. You have starting messing with things your sister never did - like the knobs on the stove and the kitchen trash can! Nothing is safe from Logan the Menace!