16 Months Old!

I am late, late, late getting this month's photo out as you turn 17 months in about two weeks! Oh well, better late than never. Let's see. What is going on in the life of Logan? Well, we moved you in with Lila finally. Your sleep has kind of gone to crap again. You wake every 2-3 hours to nurse. Its hard to leave you and let you fend for yourself because you are now waking your sister up, and the poor girl is a zombie come afternoon. So I am just dealing with you, which probably is not helping matters. Eventually you will sleep, right? You are now kissing on command, which is super cute. And you are really trying to communicate. You babble constantly and you are good at pointing and bringing things to me and many times getting across what you want or need. You are picking up signs really quickly now, too, which is great. You had a good visit with Granny and Pea earlier this month and lots of fun upstate for a few days. Your favorite things at the moment are: jumping on the couch, brushing your teeth, throwing a ball, and trying to draw. We love you, sweet Logan!