Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Photography

I started a DSLR video class on Monday so I have been mostly practicing video this week instead of taking a lot of stills. Its fun to be learning the more technical side of shooting video and also learning a new editing program. And now my wheels are turning about all sorts of marketing ideas utilizing video. Just wait! 

Lila had her first dentist appointment on Wednesday. I had been dreading this day forever - and in fact put it off for two years before finally making the appointment. Surprisingly, it went SO SMOOTHLY! The pediatric dentist office is amazing and everyone was so nice. We left with a Monsters Inc. toothbrush, some stickers and a pat on the back for a well-looked after set of teeth. Lila said to me "I love the dentist, Mom." What?? I'll take it!

This kid has turned into the biggest imp. Now he can climb up onto all the furniture and he jumps and throws himself around. We're in so much trouble.

We are loving the playroom. Its so nice to finally have a space for all those toys! And if its a mess, no one sees it because it's in the basement. WIN.

He's a master block builder, just like his sister (and his Daddy and his Pops).

Out for a walk. Its getting chilly in the evenings now.

Potluck at the nursery school. Fun, and good eats!

We're finally at the point where I can put Lila and Logan in the bath together without someone drowning. It saves so much time!

These two are fighting a whole lot lately, but sometimes they are super cute together.

I went to Photo Expo Plus on Saturday at Javits with two other photographers who I was meeting in person for the first time (we have taken online photography classes together). We had such a good time and it was so fun to see all that photography gear in person.

That was our week! Hope you all have a happy Monday!