Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Photography

It has been a very full week! Our basement playroom is finally done! I moved all the toys downstairs and I cannot believe the space we have reclaimed in the living room and dining area. I can breathe again! We now have space for people to actually sit around our dining table!  The kids are loving their new play space as well. 

Early in the week we went to the playground after dinner to burn off some energy.

Playing LeapPad. She's an addict. At least they are learning games?

Silly girl.


I dragged Lila and Logan to a pumpkin patch in the rain on Saturday. They had fun, despite getting soaked.

And Sunday, my parents arrived for a week visit. We all went to the Queens Farm Museum in the afternoon to check out the corn maze. Its a good one!

Can you believe this is in Queens? Like New York City Queens? Crazy, right?

And that was our week! Happy Monday everyone!