Sunday Morning with the Hathaway Family | New Jersey Family Documentary Video

Friends! I am so excited to be able to share the film from my first "Story in Motion" session!! I drove out to New Jersey a couple of weekends ago and had such a great time hanging out with one of my favorite families. Erika and I toured together on with "Rock of Ages" - she's a kickass choreographer and teacher. She does about a million awesome things including being an instructor at "Soul Cycle", creator of her own video instructional course "Don't Dodge the Dance Call" and she's an ambassador for Lulu Lemon. On top of all that she is mom to 2 year old Anna, who is seriously the cutest thing, and wife to Brian, who is another extraordinary human being who I am grateful to call a friend! You should just go to Erika's website and check out more of her awesomeness -

So! We had a super fun morning! We went to gymnastics with Anna, then to Montclair Bread Company for delicious iced lattes in mason jars and donuts as big as our heads, and then on to a fall fair in town. The morning ended with a surprise visit from Anna's grandparents!

I love love love putting these films together. I would love to document a morning with your family, as well! Please click here and check out the session details. Preserving this moment in time in moving pictures is just priceless. You will be so thankful for your "Story in Motion" in years to come. 

And here it is - the Hathaway Family's "Story in Motion".