Friday Round-up

Lila's birthday is tomorrow! I am participating in her classroom today and bringing ice cream cones for all her classmates. Tomorrow we are having a small family party. Tonight will be about attempting to bake and decorate a cake. We'll see how it goes!

Before I head off to the nursery school, here are your Friday reads!

I love the processing of this image - its like a painting. 

Wow. Mary-Ellen Mark's Nikon is for sale on eBay. I hope the bids have gone up from when this was published!

This turkey bacon cranberry sandwich looks delish!

I love this session by Summer Murdock. Nice mix of documentary and lifestyle.

These quotes with advice on life are awesome.

Having started a business at age 40, this post was pretty inspiring to me.

Oh elusive sleep. Logan still wakes every hour or two like a newborn. I have been meaning to give essential oils a try.

15 habits that will transform productivity. These are good.

* * *

Have a great weekend everyone!