Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Photography

So last Sunday Logan's foot got caught under my leg as we went down the slide at the playground. He cried out when I pulled it out from under me and once we got to the bottom, he couldn't stand. We spent Sunday night at the pediatric ER and were sent home with clear x-rays. By Wednesday, Logan still couldn't walk so our pediatrician set us up with an appointment with an orthopedist. Within minutes she had diagnosed Logan with a fractured leg and was putting a full leg cast on him.

And that was the start of our week. 

Our little peg-leg is getting around okay. He actually seems much happier now that his leg is stabilized. 

This was taken on Tuesday, before he got the cast. It was a rainy day, so instead of going for a walk during Lila's speech therapy (our normal activity), we stayed in the waiting room and watched Elmo on the iPad.

Driving Lila to school.

Rainy day.

Lila, jumping around on the couch as usual.

Playing on mom and dad's bed.

On Friday I participated in Lila's classroom for the first time this year. Its amazing how much these kids have grown. They play together now, instead of next to each other, and they have actual lessons during school - its not just a free-for-all!

We celebrated her birthday at school with Trader Joe's mini ice cream cones.

Saturday was Lila's actual birthday. It was a gorgeous day filled with family!

I had a photo session on Sunday, and now here we are!

Happy Monday, everyone!