Logan - Age 1, Week 23 | Long Island, NY Children's Photography

Well, you are making the best of it with your full leg cast! You were diagnosed with a fractured leg on Wednesday and fit with a full cast. You have to wear it for four weeks. I think you are actually happier now that your leg is stabilized and protected. You started hobbling around the past two days on your feet (up until then you were doing a funny crawl, dragging the leg behind you). You are being a really good sport about it. Your speech is starting to flourish and I love it when you sing. Your favorite DVD right now is "Shapes and Colors". Your two upper eye teeth popped through this week, so those combined with the leg have made for a really awesome sleep situation (not really!). You are waking every 60-90 minutes. Your mom is tired. Good thing you are the sweetest nugget on the planet :)