Logan - Age 1, Week 21 | Long Island, NY Children's Photography

You had your 15 month check up last week (a month late!). You are a skinny little dude! I don't know how that is possible since you whine for food all day long. You currently weigh 22.5 lbs which is 14th percentile for your height. Long and lean! I am having trouble finding pants that fit you because anything that fits your length falls off your waist. I still have you in 9-12 month pants at almost 17 months! You are babbling so much and words are starting to become clear. Yesterday you brought me the "Colors" video you wanted to watch and you said very clearly to me: "colors". I also heard you say "orange" while you were watching it! Your sleep is terrible right now - waking 5-6 times a night, but I also spy your two top eye teeth poking through, so hopefully they have something to do with that. You enjoyed your first lollipop on Halloween and you were not happy when I took it away before you got to the gum center!