Friday Round-up

Headed into the weekend and I am buckling down to finish my final project for the DSLR video class I'm taking. I'm excited to share it when its done! Its been a beautiful week. We even made it out to the beach one day!

So - on to your Friday reads!

I'm excited to try these slow cooked mashed potatoes. Talk about the ultimate comfort food!

Bored? Here are 8 new things to try with your camera!

A wedding photographer on a scooter!

10 years with the circus. These photos remind me of my time on tour.

I have an embarrassing number of scarves. This is a nice collection.

This leather handbag is a beauty.

Predicting the hottest baby names of 2016

Halloween is officially in the books, but this pumpkin bread is still in my future.

I am obsessed with the legend of the Mole People. Here's a fascinating article about them.

Eric's alma mater lit the White House!

My mom posted this the other day - these photos were taken near where she grew up. She has similar photos from her childhood. Very "Little Rascals", right?

The 10 best movies about photography.

18 real locations that inspired Disney

Fantastic photos from female photojournalists (if you are in DC this weekend, there is an exhibit).

This video is food for thought. 

* * *

Have a great weekend!