Snapshots of Our Week | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Photography

It was a big week for Logan - his cast came off on Wednesday! Before it did, I wanted to get some shots of him in the cast. Since he wears pants all the time (obvs.) I didn't really have any photographs of it, and unfortunate as it has been, it is definitely something i want to remember. He has been such a trooper and it has not slowed him down at all. He fractured his tibia when his leg got caught under mine going down the slide. Before this happened, I had no idea that this was a danger, but apparently it is THE most common injury for kids Logan's age. So PSA - if you are going down the slide with your kid on your lap, make sure their legs are safely up and out of the way first.

I took these photos the day before the cast came off, so after four weeks of wear, needless to say it was dirty and disgusting. SORRY! The bath Logan had on Wednesday night was GLORIOUS... FOR ME (goodbye stinky boy!).

Watching morning TV. His little gown kills me. Still my baby.


Grooming her puppy.

Looking outside.

The warm weather here has been super weird - its like California at Christmas right now! And I have to say, I'd love to see some snow. There's nothing better than a white Christmas, am I right? But the Long Island sunsets of late, have been killing it.

In the car, headed to school.

Playing on the hill by school is not supposed to happen anymore since a few kids got too rough a couple of months ago, but its really hard to keep my kids away from it. And honestly, I don't think I should. Its much-needed outdoor free play. So we bend the rules.

After school we have car dates with Lila's friend Coco and her sister, Luna. Everyone eats the lunch they were supposed to eat at school.

Late afternoon Target run! 

Rough-housing on Lila's bed. Good times.

"Reading" The Polar Express.

And Topsy and Tim.

Playing together in Logan's crib (which is thirty years old, so also praying it doesn't buckle from the weight!).

Headed out for ice cream (one of our Advent calendar activities) and to go for a walk.

At the frozen yogurt shop.

Playing at Adelphi's campus.

And that was our week! We are off to get our Christmas tree today!

Happy Monday!