Friday Round-up

7 more shopping days - yikes! Are you done with your Christmas shopping? I am almost there, but have to pick up a few stocking stuffers. I've been working all this week, which is sort of putting a damper on Christmas prep, but it will happen! Next week I am taking Lila to Radio City to see the Christmas Spectacular and I'm so excited! I think she will love it.

And now, your reads this Friday!

I love Xanthe Berkeley's work and I am excited to be joining in her "Make Films" class after Christmas to create weekly mini movies.

There are 8 times more people taking photographs today than ten years ago.

This is an adorable printable for a great cause.

Xanthe's final film of 2015 is a compilation of one second snippets. Almost makes me want to take on a one-second-a-day project in 2016. Almost. :)

Let them play.

I'm kind of obsessed with all these freelensed images

Love these shots of NYC in the '70's.

Gulp. Reality check.

Breastfeeding beyond infancy is totally the norm in most parts of the world.

These two Christmas crafts using plastic spoons are really cool!

A glimpse of the long hours working on a movie set.

* * *

Enjoy your weekend!