2015 - The Year in Films | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Video

This past year has been a busy one for me in terms of making films! I participated in Xanthe Berkeley's A Year of Creating Time Capsules and although I fell slightly short of making 12 movies, I did manage to complete 9! I also made 5 slideshows, 10 fusion films (a mix of stills and video) and a handful of mini movies for Instagram.

This year I plan to continue with another year of creating with Xanthe, and also plan to participate in Emily Mitchell's Project 12. I plan on attempting a mini movie a week and maybe, just maybe taking 1 second of video a day to compile into one long movie at the end of the year (that may be a little ambitious, we'll see!). I also recently began a video group project called "Moving Pictures" on Clickin' Moms' The Daily Project. And finally, I really hope to make at least six client films this year - so let me know if you are interested in a Story in Motion for your own family!

So here we have it. My nine films of 2015:

"Juno" told the story of the season's first big snow storm.

Bits and pieces from our March.

A video for the website of Lila's preschool.

A few hours spent at Planting Fields Arboretum. 

I had so much fun filming this "story in motion" with one of my very favorite families. An easy Sunday morning in New Jersey, complete with gymnastics, donuts and a fall fair. 

We spent part of the week up in Copake, NY with my parents and Eric's parents. Apple picking and exploring. 

A series of short stories that made up our October. 

Five days spent upstate in Copake for Thanksgiving this year. 

A fall morning spent with the Haynes-Grimes family in Astoria, Queens. 

Looking forward to many more "Stories in Motion" in 2016. Happy New Year everyone!