Friday Round-up

Catching up on two weeks worth of links! Are you ready?

No snow yet, but when it arrives - 10 tips for photographing in the snow.

The photographs that inspire the National Geographic magazine staff.

5 tips for indoor photography during the dark winter months.

Soon you will be able to manage multiple accounts on Instagram.

A list of some favorite holiday movies. What are yours?

25 holiday photos you should be sure to take.

Kate T. Parker on TWIP Family this week - its a good episode.

Using lavender oil to tame your kids.

Aw, remember Bench Monday? I love this retrospective by Xanthe Berkeley.

Choose to be grateful.

Reframing your thoughts about exercise.

37 things you will only understand if you went to college in the '90's. So much YES!

How to spark your creativity when you are working full time.

What should a four year old know?

26 ways to take back your life when you are broken. This is a great read.

Sexism is alive and well in Hollywood.

Another great list! 26 things you should do for yourself each year.

I am not a fan of the Elf on the Shelf, but I think I could get behind the kindness elves.

A post about the exact same situation in which Logan broke his leg. Be careful on slides, moms and dads!

Chatbooks - on my list to try!

An amazing essay written by a former colleague about parenting a daughter with autism.

* * *

Okay I think I'll stop there - I don't want to overwhelm. 

Have a great weekend everyone!