Snapshots of our Week | Long Island, NY Family Documentary Photography

I hardly took any pics this week! That always happens after shooting a lot, and I think after Thanksgiving weekend, I was ready to put the camera down for a bit. We had an ordinary week. Lila was a bit rundown and under the weather on Tuesday, so she stayed home from school and we had a lazy couple of days.

On Thursday I went into Manhattan to meet someone at The Actors' Fund to help me get some health insurance for Lila. She's been without since July and I have had a terrible time trying to get her any coverage through the Marketplace. In the end it took some fibbing about my income to finally make it go through (we had to add $10,000 to the figure!). Ironic since all these months I've been asked for more and more documentation about my salary and have uploaded pay stub after pay stub. Sigh. At least she's covered now. After that meeting, I went to Whole Foods and got some lunch and sat alone in Central Park and enjoyed it. Glorious alone time!

I also went to B&H and finally got rid of my Sigma 35mm. As much as I wanted to love that lens, it just was not for me. Now I have the Nikon 35mm f/2 back on my camera and I am happy as a clam.

Two more days until this little imp gets his cast off. In the meantime, he has had no trouble at all getting around and up to mischief.

This is her spot.

Yesterday we went to Hicks to see the reindeer and enjoy some holiday fun.

And that was our (kinda lame) week!

Happy Monday everyone!