An Astoria Morning | Queens, NY Family Documentary Video

A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of spending the morning with my friend Stacey and her family, in their neighborhood of Astoria, Queens. The same neighborhood I lived in for two years when I first moved to New York! It was the last greenmarket of the season at Socrates Park, a weekly tradition for Stacey, Peter and their kids. They go, do a little shopping, and meet up with friends in the park afterward, before Peter has to bike on to work in Manhattan (he is a stagehand).

 A perfect weekend tradition to capture in a family film.

I met up with the family at their cozy Astoria apartment first, met their beautiful but neurotic dog, Clover, and spent a bit of time hanging out while everyone got bundled up for a the crisp fall morning. It was my first time meeting baby Hux and little Beatrice (who is almost three) has grown and flourished so much since I last saw her bundled in a baby carrier.

I am so excited to share this wonderful family's morning with you.

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Thank you, Stacey, Peter and family for letting me spend the morning with you!