8 Months Old!

NEEDS: A haircut and some longer pants.

SKILLS: Blowing raspberries, drinking water from a straw cup, scooting around on your butt, clapping your hands, playing peek-a-boo, throwing a ball, gigantic poops every 6 days exactly.

ON THE VERGE OF: Crawling, pulling up to stand.

FAVORITES: Your sister, Fisher Price puzzle, Melissa and Doug chunky puzzle, Fisher Price rings, Fisher Price shape sorter, the doorway jumper, bath time, Mom's boobs.

NEW DISCOVERY: Your penis. (or as Lila calls it, your "peemus").


MOST EXCITING MOMENT THIS MONTH: Diving off Mom and Dad's bed and landing on your face on the hardwood floor...this led to your first ambulance ride and second ER visit.

NICKNAMES: Buddy, Menace, Logan the Menace, Stinker.

DISLIKES: Sleeping more than 2 hours in a row, solid food, rolling over, winter coats and the car seat.

YOU EXCEL AT: Big, tight baby hugs and open mouth kisses, huge smiles and infectious giggles.

THINGS WE LOVE MOST ABOUT YOU: Everything. You are our sunshine!

MOM, DAD AND LILA LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT HURTS. Happy 8 months, stinker! xo