Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

It's frigid out there but at least the sun is shining! It's so cold though, that today is the first non-rainy day that Lila's class has started the day inside instead of out. They play outdoors in all kinds of weather, but 9 degrees? They drew the line. I hope you are snug and warm indoors enjoying a cup of coffee like me... and while you do, here are some good internet reads to pass the time...

Natalie is one of my favorite mommy bloggers - I totally pre-ordered her book.

I love this mini scrapbook idea!

I've been following the journey of Ann Street Studios for years now - before they were even called Ann Street Studios and before they came up with the cinemagraph. You should check them out - their cinemagraphs are stunning.

A lifestyle photographer's dream lens?

A really helpful article about pixel size and print and web use.

Um, I would like to smash my face into this chocolate cream pie.

7 cures for the photographer blues.

An amazing story of a pregnant photojournalist. I would like to read her book.

I try to remind myself often that someday I will want these days back.

I photographed my children at all the wrong times. This is the very reason why I do storytelling sessions of everyday real life. Book a session!

Secrets to taking authentic photos.

Shoot for the light.

How to create a storyboard in Photoshop Elements.

* * *

I haven't talked about any "favorites" for a while, but I have to tell you - I'm reading "Beautiful Chaos" by Carey Perloff right now, and I can't put it down. It is the autobiography of Carey's first 20 years as Artistic Director of ACT in San Francisco. Now granted, I am biased because I worked at ACT for 6 years after college, but if you are a fan of theater biographies, check this one out. Good stuff. It actually makes me miss non-profit theater.

* * * 

Enjoy your weekend!

Hudson River, Nikon n80.