Our Week in Photos | Long Island Family Documentary Photographer

Another ordinary week at home while we wait out the freezing temperatures and icy roads. 

Logan loves looking at himself in the mirror...and giving himself kisses.

Lazy morning. We like our mornings slow and easy. At least on the days when we are not rushing out the door to get Lila to school at 8:45am.

We keep working on the solid food with Logan. He likes yogurt okay. As far as actually chunky solid food goes, Panera grilled cheese sandwiches are the only thing he hasn't gagged on yet. He ate almost a quarter of Lila's sandwich the other day!

We're kinda getting really bored with being stuck inside so much. Lots of art projects happening.

Lots of LeapPad.

I'm doing a photography project with some friends online and this week's theme was "style". These boots are one of the best purchases I've made in the last few years. Love 'em.

My happy boy. He needs a haircut. I keep waiting for a day when Eric is home so one of us can hold Logan's head still while the other goes at him with the clippers.

Lila is so into books right now. Its nice since she went through a long period there where she HATED books. I don't mind reading her three before bed!

Logan has been collecting a few books himself.

Logan has figured out how to get back to sitting from lying on his tummy! He is a strong boy.

He lets you know when he's fed up by blowing raspberries.

He's also been standing to play (with our help).

I love seeing them together. Their hair color is almost exactly the same right now.

My mom made Logan this hat for Valentine's Day. It says "Mom" on a heart.

She loves her cereal bars.

Lila's hugs look more like strangleholds.

I think we are all getting a little bit sick of all the time spent in this living room. We are ready for Spring!

And that was our (boring) week! Haha - happy Monday to you!