Our Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

This week we spent mostly inside escaping the snow. Winter storm Juno didn't end up being quite as fierce as promised, but we still ended up with close to a foot of snow by the end of the week. 

Monday and Tuesday were the big "blizzard" days, so we stayed in and had lazy days. Lila's school cancelled classes on Tuesday and Wednesday.

These two were so cute playing on our bed. I love watching their relationship develop.

We have to be really careful about Logan being on our bed now. He is starting to move around, trying to crawl. On Friday he took a dive off the bed and landed face first on the hardwood floor. It was horrible. We rushed to the emergency room - luckily he's fine. Just a bit bruised.

I love this fuzzy head.

I'm going to have to drop the mattress in the Pack n Play pretty soon.

On the move.

Hillbilly teeth!

Playing in the snow with Nana on Thursday.

Warming up.

Happy boy.

Always teething.

Princess Thumbsucker.

Funny glasses. Thanks, Lucy!

Dog. She has three of them but only really loves this one. We've started calling him "Dirty Dog" since the others are so clean in comparison.

Saggy butt.

Sweet boy.

Champion raspberry blower!

And that was our week!

Happy Monday, everyone!