Our Week in Photos | Long Island Family Documentary Photographer

The big freeze continued last week, but my parents were in town so hanging out with them gave us something to do. We only ventured out of the house a handful of times, but we had a lot of good quality Granny and Pea time right here at home. Lila followed them around constantly.

My mom made Logan this hat for Valentine's Day. Adorable, right?

So Lila for months and months has refused to watch "Frozen". I bought a copy of it at Target ages ago, and in fact, we tried to watch it upstate in September and she screamed in protest the entire time. Well, for some reason, this week she decided she wanted to watch it. And we have watched it at least once a day ever since!

Lila and her Granny.

Mr. Blue Eyes. Lila's had started turning brown by the time she was Logan's age. I think his are maybe staying blue.

Lila is so obsessed with these Imagine Ink coloring books. She will sit and color and color until the entire book is done.

Sneaking cheese.

It snowed early in the week so we took the opportunity to do some sledding.

Lila decided I was the only one allowed to pull the sled. She screamed the entire time my dad pulled her - haha :)

We played for a while in the front yard, throwing snowballs and...eating snow.

Happy boy.

The days are getting longer, which is a sign that Spring is coming! It doesn't get totally dark until close to 6 now.

My parents left on Thursday (and had quite a time of it getting home - they were something like 7 hours late getting into San Jose!). On Friday, the little colds that had been percolating turned into full on flu...or maybe ear infections? We're going to take Logan to the doctor today to get checked out. He had a 103 degree fever on Friday night. Poor little guy. He always gets hit the hardest. We've mostly been staying home, except for one quick trip to Target on Friday. Logan had his first expedition in a shopping cart. He was unimpressed... at least that's what I thought. In retrospect, he probably wasn't feeling good. Poor buddy.

So, yeah. We've been hunkering down with lots of TV. Lots of "Frozen". I had to put the soundtrack on Lila's iPod so we could take a break from the movie.

Logan has been in pretty good spirits during the day, although he wants to be held a lot. The nights are hard, though. Lots of crying.

Logan is also basically crawling (he's got the backwards crawl down and he kind of scoots forward on his butt). So sick + developmental milestone = emotional baby.

We had a pretty good afternoon yesterday though. The kids played for a long time - sometimes even together! And the TV stayed off. 

We had some bath time shenanigans...

And Eric was even home last night, so Lila was able to get some Daddy snuggles. Good times.

And that was our week!

Happy Monday, all!