Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

Is it Friday already? This week has been such a whirlwind of pediatrician's visits and scrambling through the days filled with runny noses and tears. Both of the littles are doing much better though and even though it is still freezing outside, the sunshine is looking remarkably Spring-like so it gives me hope that warmer weather is on the way and we will be playing outside soon.

And now, some links!

I'm in love with this "maker" t-shirt, and the proceeds go to a good cause!

A guide to a social media detox.

Woah! Can you believe these photos of starling murmurations were created with plastic bags??

An open letter to the artist support system. LOVE this.

Some gorgeous photos depicting motherhood.

This is on our meal plan for the week and I am really excited about it.

Listen to Annie Leibovitz talk about some of her works.

Permission to cry. This is for every mama who didn't get the birth experience she hoped for. So good.

A trick to saving on audiobooks.

These DIY puzzle sticks are really cute!

Secrets to photographing in dappled light.

Portraits of men with their cats. Heh.

Favorite fairy tales.

5 ways your kid can start keeping a journal now.

Tips for photographing your kids together.

This blog post about evening rituals made me super jealous. My evening rituals consist of trying to coerce kids who seem to hate food to eat dinner, cleaning up a bazillion toys, being called back into the bedroom for eight billion reasons including needing tissues, water, the night light a different color, and then collapsing in a heap on the couch minutes after the kids are finally asleep. I guess I can dream about relaxing evening rituals, maybe ten years from now.

5 ways to combat loneliness working from home.

Loving this one-minute photo essay.

Really inspired by this list of 100 photographers to watch in 2015.

Loving these portraits taken at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

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Have a great weekend!