Lila - Age 3, Week 12 | Long Island Children's Photographer

This week has been a week of good and bad. Logan fell off the bed and I had to rush him to the doctor and you were such a good girl and helper through all of that. We've been stuck inside a lot because of the weather and its making us all a little stir crazy. School being cancelled has not been great either. You love school and you miss it when you are not there. We've been dealing with a lot of bedtime shenanigans lately and I'm wondering if I need to phase out your nap, or at the very least, significantly shorten it. You've been up monkeying around in your room until close to 11pm the last few nights. As much as I love you, Lila, at that time of night I would like you to be asleep! You are having another language explosion and its awesome to hear. The other day you said "Mommy frustrated?" I have no idea where you even learned that word! You are being evaluated for speech again at school sometime in the next couple of weeks so we'll see how they think you are doing. You are growing so fast, my love!