Logan - Week 34 | Long Island Children's Photographer

Here is Logan's thirty-fourth week!

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You are still trying so hard to crawl and it is frustrating you to no end. There has been a lot of whining happening this week. You get stuck on your belly and cry for me to come and help you about eighty billion times a day. You still are not rolling, although you are seriously moving around quite a bit now. You crawled right off our bed on Friday and landed on your face (on the hard wood floor) which scared the crap out of me, so we ended up in an ambulance to the emergency room. Thank god you were just fine. My little menace! You are eating more purees but anything chunkier than applesauce makes you throw up. AWESOME. We've lost quite a few meals that you've just eaten by offering something chunky to end the meal. I've learned my lesson on that front for now. We'll stick to purees for a while longer. And sleep SUCKS right now. I am planning some sleep training as soon as your dad is finished with the gig he's doing because oh lord, we all need to sleep for longer than a one hour stretch at a time, Logan! Man, its a good thing you are cute :)