Friday Round-up | New York City Family Photographer

Brrr! Its FREEZING here today. I hope everyone is staying warm out there. I couldn't even get my car started this morning it was so cold. The snow is pretty but I am starting to look forward to spring. We've had quite a few meltdowns around these parts this week because everyone is starting to get a bit stir crazy.

Anyway, here are a few fun links for you this week.

Some good information about creating a Client Guide.

Decluttering - I am working on this as we speak. And I keep hearing about how good this book is.

Some great tips for keeping up with a 365 project.

Some gorgeous photos of the inside of theaters around the world. I have some photos of U.S. theaters that could be added to this project!

I love this clip of Frances McDormand talking about aging.

Some tips on how to protect your photography gear.

Lila is really into princesses right now - I'll have to check out this app.

I love this first birthday gift.

A first look at the "Photos" app that will replace iPhoto and Aperture.

I'm intrigued by this documentary.

Some great photos of the subway shot by Stanley Kubrick in 1946.

Gah - Parenthood is over - so sad! Here are some of the series' most emotional moments.

I love the look of this day planner!

Taking back the snapshot. Agree x1000!

* * *

Have a wonderful weekend!