Our Week in Photos | Long Island Family Documentary Photographer

Are you tired of hearing about snow and ice yet? Yeah we had more of both this past week. School was cancelled again on Tuesday. We're going a little stir crazy.

I did get a chance to go into the city on Monday for a union meeting and then drinks afterward with my friend Brian. It was nice to catch up with him, and the union meeting was interesting. I've been kind of in my own little world these past few years while being at Rock of Ages and being mom during the day. It was good to reacquaint myself with all the other stuff that goes on behind the scenes as a stage manager.

This little guy is growing everyday. He is so close to crawling. He gets stuck flailing on his belly about eighty gajillion times a day.

She's got the bossy big sister thing down pat. Good thing she also loves Logan and kisses and hugs him constantly.

The solid food journey is still slow going. I manage to get a few spoonfuls in him a day.

I've been reading! I finished "Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids", which I highly recommend to any parent, and I am zooming through Carey Perloff's book "Beautiful Chaos". Carey is the Artistic Director at ACT in San Francisco where I trained as a stage manager and worked from 1996-2002. It's fascinating reading about Carey's journey with the company, and now that I have kids, I relate so much to her struggle to work in the theater while raising two kids of her own.

We've been doing lots of art around here. Current favorites are watercolors, Imagine Ink coloring books and Crayola Color Magic coloring books.

Logan swings so high in his jumper. It cracks me up.

Concentrating really hard.

These magnet dress up dolls are a big hit here, too. 

Silliness in Lila's room.

Wee moccasin slippers.

A romp on Mom and Dad's bed.

And that was our week! Yesterday I went into Manhattan shot some photos of my friend Andrea and her husband and their new baby, Willa. It was so good to see them and I can't wait to share the photos!

Have a great week everyone!