9 Months Old!

NEEDS: Some rubber-soled shoes for standing, still in need of longer pants.

SKILLS: Crawling all over the place! Pulling up to your knees, grabbing everything in sight, moving at the speed of light, babbling, throwing a ball. You also have become much more interested in solid food this month. You now consume about 3-4 oz of purees or yogurt three times a day.

ON THE VERGE OF: Pulling to stand up.

FAVORITES: Lila's teepee, books, the Fisher Price Little People bus, "My Baby Can Talk" signs videos.

NEW DISCOVERY: Everything! Crawling has opened up a whole new world for you. You are into EVERYTHING!

MOST ANNOYING NEW HABIT: Putting everything in your mouth - and licking the front door threshold which is covered in sand and salt. Gross.

MOST EXCITING MOMENT THIS MONTH: Finally figuring out how to get that leg out from under you so you could crawl. We also used clippers on you for the first time (which you hated) - your new haircut rocks!

NICKNAMES: Menace! Little stinkies.

DISLIKES: Sleep training (but we are doing it anyway!). 

YOU EXCEL AT: Big smiles, laughing at Lila, playing games with Lila, being the sweetest nugget on the planet!

THINGS WE LOVE ABOUT YOU: Your gap-toothed smile and the way you stick your tongue out as though you are concentrating really hard.