Short Story: Bath time | Long Island Family Documentary Photographer

Inspired by the 5 Minute Project, I thought I would start an occasional feature on the blog called "Short Story" where I share a series of images taken during a singular event over a short period of time. I am working on capturing different details and angles to help tell a "short story". Here is the first installment - bath time!

I've started giving Lila baths in the mornings while Logan naps (full disclosure - I only bathe my kids twice a week unless they are filthy). After I've washed Lila's hair and scrubbed her clean, she plays while I dry my hair and do my make-up for the day. I feel like this time in the bathroom is more productive this way, instead of me sitting on the floor next to the bath for 30 minutes at the end of the day, exhausted, wishing I was on the couch with a beer :)

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