Our Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

The great thaw started this week! Hurray! We even managed to get out of the house one day and go for a walk with the stroller, which hasn't seen the light of day in months. 

I made cinnamon rolls on Monday. Just 'cause. (the ones from a tube - nothing crazy!)

Logan and Elmo. Eric's best friend Matt bought that talking Elmo for Lila when she turned one. It has been the best toy! Both kids love it.

In a double-seater cart at Target. Haha - they cracked me up in that thing.

Exploring. I've been opening the front door now that its warming up and just leaving the storm door closed (which is floor to ceiling glass). Logan likes to crawl over and look outside.

Reading books in Sister's room.

Waiting patiently. The solid food situation here is slowly getting better. 

This kid is trouble. Cruising is going to start any day.

Ohai. Look at my teeth!

Books for days.

Scrambled egg. He wasn't a fan.

They've been having a lot of fun playing in the teepee together.

Singing along with the "Frozen" soundtrack on the iPod. I love watching her act it out. I was putting Logan to bed last night and Lila kept knocking on the bedroom door. At first I was really annoyed, but then she started singing "Do you wanna build a snowman?" and I realized she was acting out the scene from the movie and it made me laugh :)

Playing in the bathroom.

Disney princess detritus. Anna and Elsa are always naked.

I went out to inspect the backyard the other day after the rain melted most of the snow. Our sage survived the winter! 

Also - bulbs!

Playing around with the Lensbaby.

At Panera. We sat by the front door, and I swear, every single person that came in had to stop and wave at Logan. Little heartbreaker.

We ventured over to the playground for a little bit. It was chilly, but what a blue sky!

He likes to pull all the shoes off of the shelves in the hallway.

Watching Dad unload his truck.

Eyeing the dollhouse furniture.

Running away from a diaper change.


He is pulling up to his knees on everything.

I'm currently taking a "Storymaking" class at Clickin' Moms and I was working on the first assignment last night, which I was planning on being a self-portrait. It was hijacked however, and I ended up with this. Probably more appropriate!

And that was our week! Have a great Monday, everyone!