Friday Round-up | New York Family Photographer

First day of Spring! And we are due to get five inches of snow later today. Wah wah. Hopefully that's the end of it though (knocking on wood NOW). I got our renewal application in the mail the other day for our Empire Passport and I am so ready to get back to our outings to Jones Beach and exploring the other state parks in our area. Even Lila has been asking lately if we can go to the beach! If you live in New York, the Empire Passport really is such a good deal - $65 and you get free parking at all the state parks for a year! Its worth it to us for Jones Beach alone, which costs $10 to park. We also use it a lot at Planting Fields Arboretum.

And now, grab a coffee because I've got some links coming at you!

Learn to see better.

I'm pretty excited to read this book by one of my favorite bloggers. My copy arrived the other day.

Does your baby have a dairy sensitivity? 15 dairy-free recipes for breastfeeding moms.

9 photography composition tips. These are great.

This documentary looks fascinating.

What are your thoughts on gender-based photography groups?

This post about how to sustain a family life while working in theater really hit the nail on the head for me.

How to edit video in Lightroom 5. Excited to try this!

The basics of exposing with the Zone System.

5 storytelling rules that photographers should borrow from Pixar.

I love these photos of motherhood - taken fifty years ago!

This is a great post about titling your storytelling images.

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Enjoy your weekend!

Logan destroying a roll of toilet paper - isn't the crawling stage fun??