Our Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

Another ordinary week!

Logan is getting better and better with his solid food intake. We are up to two different types of puree/yogurt/cereal at each meal (about 6-7 oz) and he can tolerate teeny tiny pieces of pancake or puffs without gagging and barfing. Progress.

We've had snow flurries here and there most days (will this winter ever end?) so we are still spending most days indoors. 

This little menace is going to be walking in no time.

She still a fan of hats.

Always busy.

Lila is rediscovering some of her old toys as we pull them out for Logan.

Lila is in the middle of being evaluated for speech. We went to the first part of the evaluation last week and she discovered this Elmo book at the therapy center that she could not stop talking about. I found it on Amazon and ordered her a copy.

Logan is working on his seventh tooth.

I love this girl.

Sibling love - haha :) Lila still thinks that a hug is putting someone in a stranglehold!

Playing in the hallway. I like leaving the front door open and just the storm door closed so we can get some much needed natural light in the house.

He had a piece of paper jammed in his mouth in this shot. I have to be so careful about having no little bits and pieces in his reach. Everything goes in his mouth.

Pulling up on everything. None of Lila's toys are safe.

Lila's current favorite game includes pulling everything off her bed and everything off the couch. Cleaning up is not my favorite.

Panera on a snowy afternoon.



Watching Dad do some work on the basement stairs.

Silliness in the bathtub.

Logan hasn't figured out how to sit down again after pulling up onto something. Annoyance ensues.

Yesterday we went to a fundraiser for Lila's school - a performance by the Brett Band. It was really fun!

And that was our week! Have a great Monday, friends!