Friday Round-up | NY Family Photographer

Another snow day here. Hopefully the last (knocking on wood now!). The temperatures look to be going up to the forties next week so hopefully some of the snow will melt. It really does look like we are living on the set of "Frozen"!

A few links for your Friday!

The 30 best kids' movies on Netflix. We are currently enjoying "Curious George 2", "Tinkerbell" and "Charlotte's Web".

Some creative playdate ideas. I'm not sure I'd be motivated enough to make any of these happen, but they are cute ideas!

Okay, this recycled village is a really cute project for kids.

Another recipe to feed my brussels sprouts obsession.

These butter cookies look easy and delicious.

Self-care is important. Its okay to say fuck this shit!

How to see more of what you want to see on Pinterest. Oh Pinterest, I used to love you so. Please go back to the way you used to be!

What a mom needs most from her family. This hits the nail on the head. 

If you are interested in family documentary photography, this Creative Live course is pretty awesome. I'm about 3/4 of the way through all the videos.

I just got this book in the mail yesterday - excited to start it!

* * *

Hope you all have a great weekend!