Our Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

Another week at home. We had a snowstorm on Thursday that is rumored to be the last of the season (knocking on wood NOW!). It was actually 45 degrees yesterday and the snow has started to melt. Let's hope this is a sign that Spring is really on the way! We are dying to get outside but the giant snow piles everywhere make using the stroller impossible at the moment. Hopefully soon!

Logan is on the move. Little dude is EVERYWHERE getting into EVERYTHING. He is really fast, too. I open the refrigerator door and two seconds later he is there, trying to climb in. He seems happy with his newfound independence.

Bathtime. Full disclosure: I only bathe my kids twice a week unless they get super dirty for some reason. And I've moved to bathtime to the mornings, because sitting in the bathroom bored out of my mind for 45 minutes while Lila plays with all her bath toys is too much for me to bear at the end of a long day. In the mornings I shower first, then put Lila in the bath and dry my hair and do my make-up while she plays. At least it doesn't feel like wasted time that way. Logan is easy - his baths take five minutes.

Playing with her squirrel game.

Probably watching "Frozen" again. Although, Lila has been watching the live-action "Charlotte's Web" movie a lot too, lately. 

His little face kills me. So sweet. His eating is getting better. We're actually up to three meals a day where is eats about 2 oz of puree or yogurt. Progress. We have to work on sleep next. He still wakes to nurse every 45-90 minutes. Ugh.

I love the flying ace hat my mom made for Logan.

Going to check out the snow.

Home. The basement is coming along. Excited to make a playroom for the kids down there and free up some space in our living room!

Lila's been eating lots of tomatoes lately. A vegetable!

Eric and Lila built a snowman. There's been a tiny bit of drama since he started melting. His name is Olaf (OF COURSE).

Watching sister from the front door.

The one complaint I've gotten from Lila's teachers about her is that she eats the snow. Whatever.

I've been waking her up after an hour and a half of nap, or 5pm, whichever comes first. Its helping with the bedtime shenanigans.

Lila and Logan have started playing together. Logan loves Lila's room (soon to be his room, too!) and especially likes the teepee in there. Crawling is a game-changer. 

Lila loves acting out "Frozen" along with the soundtrack on her iPod. She is usually Anna but obviously Elsa for "Let it Go". I always have to dance with her as Hans in that duet where he proposes. And yesterday she also told me I was the reindeer. Awesome.

Just a sensible tutu as a house dress.

I think he's keeping his blue eyes. They are so pretty. 

And that was our week! Enjoy your Monday everyone! How about that extra hour of daylight we're getting now? Pretty nice!