Lila - Age 3, Week 20 | Long Island Family Photographer

My sweet, smart girl! We started another speech evaluation process this week. You totally rocked the first session. You adapted very quickly and showed the therapist what a smarty-pants you are. You also charmed her when you saw her Disney stickers and gasped "Ah! Beautiful Goofy!". So sweet. You actually threw a giant tantrum when we had to leave because there were so many fun toys to play with at the therapy center! I also had a parent-teacher conference this week and learned that you are doing very well in school. We have been starting some work with scissors at home at the recommendation of your teacher. Scissors are tricky but you'll figure them out soon. We went to a fundraiser for your school on Sunday to see the Brett Band play. You started dancing the second you walked into the auditorium. I can't wait to get back to Jones Beach with you and Logan this summer to rock out every week with Darlene