10 Months Old!

NEW: First pair of rubber-soled shoes! (Size 4 from Stride Rite), tooth #7!

SKILLS: Waving, pulling to stand, sitting down again from a standing position, kneeling, saying "Dad" (although I don't think you know you are saying "Dad").

FOOD PROGRESS: Eating puffs broken in half without barfing. Woohoo! Puree progress was going pretty well but now you have decided you are not eating again. Hoping this changes soon.

SLEEP: Naps - A+! Overnight - D!

FAVORITES: Lila's talking monkey, Elmo, Melissa and Doug puzzles, your water bottle (or Lila's).

NEW DISCOVERY: Throwing food on the floor is fun! So is throwing toys into the bathtub!

MOST ANNOYING NEW HABIT: Rolling over and crawling away when I am trying to change your diaper.

DISLIKES: Having your nose wiped.

FAVORITE MOMENT THIS MONTH: Watching you and Lila sitting together at the Brett Band concert. My sweet babies!

Love you to pieces, Nugget. xo