Our Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photography

It was Lila's Spring Break this week and although I missed my little 1.5 hour pockets of "me" time when Lila is in school and Logan is napping, we had fun getting out this week for some outings. 

Making big messes in the living room and bedroom seems to be Lila's game of choice at the moment. This includes pulling all the cushions off the couch and all the bedding off her bed.

Making "a tent" is also a favorite activity.

Little imp-ish brother coming to invade.

We hit the playground on Monday. It was beautiful outside.

Senja was there, too.

On Tuesday we met up with my friend Callie and her kids Max and Katherine and went to the Children's Museum. It was packed! We fled after about an hour and went to Shake Shack.

I am so NOT a germ-o-phobe and I really should be. Logan put those blocks (above) in his mouth and of course now he has a horrible cold and cough. Somebody always catches something at the Children's Museum. I have been pretty diligent about making Lila wash her hands before she leaves school, but its taking some re-training of my brain. I know, gross, right? I have no problem with my kids eating food off the ground. 3 second rule! But maybe if I was better about all this, Logan wouldn't get so many colds. I am in the process of learning my lesson.

Coloring. Always coloring.

Eating breakfast.

Still a bit chilly out, but we spent some time blowing bubbles from Easter baskets in the front yard this week.


I took a pair of boots to the cobbler to be fixed (unfixable - had to be sent back to Frye) and got a parking ticket! Grr. The meter was hiding behind a power pole and I didn't see it. I left the ticket on my car and we walked to the frozen yogurt shop to rectify the situation.

Nugget in black and white. I love the light we get from the front door. I keep it open during the day and only our storm door (all glass) closed.

Nursing and checking email. I took this for my Storymaking class.

Lila has to wait by the tree while I put Logan in his carseat. No running in the street!

Bibs taste good.

Checking out Lila's butterfly wings.

Yesterday we went to Jones Beach for the first time this year. It was beautiful out! We walked the boardwalk and Lila and Logan put their toes in the sand. Poor little Logan was feeling under the weather but I think the sea air did him good. Looking forward to many more trips to the boardwalk this year!

And that was our week! Have a great Monday, everyone!