Our Week in Photos | Family Photographer on Long Island

The week of the plague! Someone always gets sick after we go to the Children's Museum. Logan got it first - a cough and runny nose. Then Lila got the croup on Wednesday night, and then I got a sore throat and cough. No fun! 

We muddled through the week. 

Luckily the weather has been pretty gorgeous so we have been able to get out for a few walks. Stroller naps are good.

The playground two blocks away is a lifesaver.

Lila likes to help push Logan around in the stroller.

Logan the Menace. He started walking with his walker toy this week and cruising along the furniture. Its only a matter of time now. 

Lila has been practicing riding her scooter. She needs to work on the steering part. 

It got up to almost 80 degrees the other day! That called for some topless bubble blowing.

Stroller nap in effect.

Such a nugget.

Lila started feeling bad on Wednesday night. The sea lion barking cough started up. I slept on the floor of her bedroom on Wednesday to keep an eye on her. We had to cancel a playdate the next day and Lila stayed home from school on Friday.

Perking up.

He is always up to something.

Crazy sister.

Good thing they adore each other.

She loves her coloring books.

On the move wearing a 35 year old MASH t-shirt that belonged to my brothers. 

We went back to the playground today. Lila was being a chicken because there were other kids there.

Finally! Blossoms!

On the swings.

Watching the baseball game.

The nuggetiest nug of all nugs!

I think we are slowly on the mend over here. In other news, I started planning Logan's first birthday party - crazy how fast time flies!!