Logan - Week 45 | Long Island Children's Photography

Here is Logan's forty-fifth week!

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Logan the Menace. You are living up to your nickname this week! You are into everything and annoying the crap out of your sister! Ripping her artwork, eating her crayons, scrunching up the pages of her books, throwing her lunch on the floor, drinking from her water bottle, pulling her hair. Aiyiyi. I am refereeing a constant wrestling match. Of course all of this is because you adore Lila - you want to be wherever she is, doing whatever she is doing. She loves you right back. She just doesn't like you in her face 24-7 :) Ah, sibling-hood! Isn't it great? You started cruising around the furniture this week and walking with your lion walker. And I got you to eat some Cheerios without gagging. Major win. Love you, stinks.