Friday Round-up | Family Photographer on Long Island

I have very few links to share today - its funny how some weeks the internet is filled with goodness and other weeks, not so much! Here's what I've got:

I am starting a photo project about me - its still not super structured in my mind yet, but it will be photos of bits of my life that are not kid-centric (as well as some that are). This post gave me some inspiration of possible moments to catch.

We just booked our tickets to California (we're going in July!). Tracy's list of restaurants to go to in San Francisco makes me hungry!

I'm intrigued by this photographer's planner!

Oh my god, what I wouldn't do for a She-Shed.

Interesting read about Sally Mann's photos (by Sally Mann).

Gosh I wish I had time to sew. I would make Lila this dress immediately.

Really fascinating read about fact and fiction in modern photography.

* * *

Have a great weekend!