Our Week in Photos | Family Photographer on Long Island

Lots of park and playground time this week.

Thumbsuckers forever.

Cheeky monkey. He chews on EVERYTHING.

I pulled out a big tub of board books that had been put away for a while. 

He's eating Cheerios!

The weather was so nice this week that I was able to walk to pick Lila up from school on a couple of the days.

We also hung out in the backyard for the first time this spring. The garden needs some love.

Brother and sister wrestling.

Playing on Mom and Dad's bed.

Shopping for vegetable plants.

I was participating parent in Lila's classroom on Friday. I took a bunch of video for a montage I am putting together for their website. Here is Lila making some "cakes" in the outdoor playhouse.

I love the way he sticks his little tongue out.

Such a nugget.

We went to Adelphi (a college near us) to chase bunnies one evening. Unfortunately we only saw one.

We stopped at the playground on the way home.

On Saturday we went to Planting Fields. There was an Arbor Day festival going on. Our Empire Passport got us in for free!

Morning light. Its the best.

Imp. He is everywhere.

We started a responsibility chart this week. TV has been very limited. If she fulfills all her responsibilities during the day (clean up toys, show respect, share, no whining, say please/thank you, eat lunch and dinner at the table and taste everything on her plate) she gets TV after dinner. The past couple of days have been pretty good.

Watering the plants - or at least the porch.

Bubble blowing season is in full effect.

And that was our week! Happy Monday!