Lila - Age 3, Week 24 | Long Island Children's Photographer

We started using a responsibility chart this week to try and get some behaviors in order. You are getting the hang of it and understanding that if you accomplish each of your tasks you will get a treat (TV after dinner on a daily basis and a bigger treat at the end of the week - last week it was a new Imagine Ink coloring book). The chart has been working well at getting you to sit at the table for lunch and dinner and to taste everything on your plate. You are still not eating much, but at least you've been trying each item. You also have been much more receptive when things are asked of you, instead of immediately yelling "no". Progress! I participated in your classroom on Friday and it was really fun to see how far you have come. I especially loved seeing you interact with your classmates. You have been hanging out with them every day after school for a few minutes on the big green hill and the socializing has been great. We also went to the park yesterday and you made a friend on the playground! It was really fun to see you running around with this other little girl. I am so proud of you!