Logan - Week 46 | Long Island Children's Photographer

Here is Logan's forty-sixth week!

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Day 322

You finally started eating some solid food this week! After introducing you to Cheerios, I have also been able to give you blueberries, watermelon, peas, goldfish crackers, cheese, ham and turkey! Yay! You are doing awesome! I also figured out that if I let you suck directly from a squeeze pouch that you will still eat purees and yogurt. You are just not interested in being fed with a spoon. Okay then! Your sleep has gotten even worse, if that's possible. Now that you've figured out how to roll over and stand up in your pack n play, you just stand there and wail if you are not put down asleep. And getting you to sleep is taking up to 45 minutes - for naps and bedtime alike. Its not fun. I hope we can do something to improve this situation soon. I am going to attempt another sleep training tactic next week. Sleep is awesome, Logan! Get with the program! Its a good thing you are the sweetest, snuggliest little nugget on the planet. I love you, buddy.