Friday Round-up | Long Island Photographer

Spring break! We are gearing up for a fun Easter weekend. This is the first that I haven't had to work on Easter Sunday in quite a while. Looking forward to Easter baskets with the kiddos and an afternoon with family. 

And now some links for your Friday morning!

11 books that are better in Spring and 32 books that will change your life.

For you Long Island-ers - 25 things to do with your preschooler.

I'm pretty excited about using this planner for 2016. 

I love the storytelling in each of these images.

How does your home reflect who you are?

These photos of a pet magpie are kind of extraordinary!

Tips on how to make friends and form a local photography group.

Career tips from female entrepreneurs.

We've been talking a lot about "why" we take photos in the photography class I'm currently taking - the "so what" factor. Remember to always tend your fire.

Loving these photos taken in the street.

Some more amazing storytelling photographs.

Strong is the new pretty. This is badass. Also, I love Kate T. Parker. Looking forward to taking her class at Clickin' Moms sometime.

* * *

If you celebrate, have a happy Easter  - and if you don't, enjoy your Sunday!