A Day in the Life: March 21, 2015 | Long Island Family Films

On March 21st I documented a day in the life of our family. It was a totally ordinary day. Eric worked from very early in the morning until late night so he doesn't make an appearance. The weather was snowy and cold so we stayed home most of the day. It is these ordinary days that I love to record. We will remember the birthday parties and Christmases and graduations, but these plain old days in between, these are the ones that start to slip through the cracks of my memory - and to me, these days, when Lila and Logan get into a fit of giggles together, or Lila gives an especially stellar performance of "Let it Go" in her bedroom - these days are the most special of all.

I gathered all the photos and video I took that day and created a short film that tells the story of our day. 

Stay tuned, because very soon I am going to be announcing a casting call -  I am going to be looking for three families to document in short films just like this one!

In the meantime, if you would like to have your day documented by me - book an A Day in the Life session