Our Week in Photos | LI Family Documentary Photographer

I'll save the Mother's Day photos for tomorrow which is when I'll be posting my latest "10 on 10". It was a lovely relaxing day though spent with family! Too bad Logan didn't get the memo about being nice to Mom as he was up screaming from 11pm to 3am last night. Oy! 

The weather has been awesome so we have been spending a lot of time outside. We're in that sweet spot of warm weather before it gets muggy and disgusting so we are taking advantage of it!

We planted this year's veggie garden: three types of tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro, sage, basil, oregano, peppers, strawberries and blueberries.

Wet curls.

Meals are not a fight when we can eat outside.

Lots of neighborhood walks in effect. And stops for kisses.

Lila likes the playground at the community pool because its usually empty. She is having some trouble "sharing playgrounds" at the moment.

Logan is having a blast on the backyard swing.

Sesame Street is a favorite around here. 


Someone stole my lens cap.

The real Cookie Monster.

Hanging with my girl.

Sibling shenanigans.

Surly brother is surly because he can't play on the playground yet. Hurry up and walk, Logan!

Checking out the stone lawn animals at Hicks.

Playing at the Garden City South Playground. Lila had a playdate with one of her classmates. She had a lot of fun!

Playing together.


Eating and drawing.

Not happy to be left inside.

A pretty day for a walk.

Bunny chasing after dinner!

Bunny chasing is a great way to tire them out before bed!

The chart is working so far. "Show respect" (which basically is not screaming "NO!" at everything) and "No Whining" have been the hardest magnets for Lila to get. She's doing well with eating at the table and trying everything on her plate.

On Saturday we drove up to Westchester to celebrate cousin Paul's 10th birthday. Traffic sucked. We listened to the Frozen soundtrack five times on the way home. And I had to sit in between both car seats and sing to Logan for the last 30 minutes of the ride home so he wouldn't go apeshit. 

The party was fun though. It was really nice seeing everyone.

And that was our week. Mother's Day photos tomorrow!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Happy Monday!