11 Months Old!

NEW: Teeny-tiny Crocs!

SKILLS: Cruising around the furniture, slamming doors, climbing stairs, OMG EATING!, high-fives, looking at books, throwing a ball (you've been doing this for a while but now you'll actually toss it back and forth with someone).

FOOD PROGRESS: Eating, eating, eating!! Cheerios were your gateway food and now you are eating solids like a champ. You ate a whole piece of Lila's grilled cheese at lunch! Such a huge relief to have this figured out.

SLEEP: The pits. You are taking forever to go down for naps and bedtime and waking overnight every hour or so. I have to figure out how to night wean you but I am too damn tired...

FAVORITES: Sitting under a "tent" outside (blanket over some chairs), any sort of swing, crawling under the kitchen table.

NEW DISCOVERY: Closing doors (not cool), climbing stairs (ugh). Pulling mom's computer cord out of the wall (double ugh).

MOST ANNOYING NEW HABIT: Grabbing anything that Lila is playing with (or her blanket). I hear "NO LOGAN DON'T!!!!!" out of Lila's mouth 20,000 times a day.

DISLIKES: Having anything taken away from you.

SCARY MOMENT THIS MONTH: Finding a shard of broken beer bottle in your mouth. #parentsoftheyear

FAVORITE MOMENT THIS MONTH: Seeing you and Lila play in the "tent" in the backyard on Mother's Day. Also yesterday when you were both giggling like mad in the living room. I love seeing the two of you have fun together.