Lila - Age 3, Week 27 | Long Island Children's Photographer

You had your session of speech therapy this week with teacher Bridget. The first meeting was mostly about you getting comfortable and talking, so Bridget brought out a lot of toys for you to play with. You named all the farm animals and then she brought out a tub of Disney characters, which you were really excited about. I went and observed the pre-K at your school this week and I think speech therapy is going to help you so much for when you start pre-K in the fall (how is that even possible that you are starting pre-K already!). You also made your first trip to the Disney store this week, where your head basically exploded. We left with a few small things but you keep talking about a Donald Duck that you saw, so if you do well with your responsibility chart we'll have to go back and get him. You are currently obsessed with the movie "Tangled" and you love the song "Now I see the light". You have also started calling me Mother! You make me laugh :)