Friday Round-up | Long Island Photographer

Okay, attempting to re-post all the links I typed up last week before losing my post. Here goes! I hope everyone has a relaxing long weekend. We are headed upstate in the morning. I am excited about the change of scenery.

I love these images of motherhood and the quote at the bottom. Love.

Oh my gosh, these photos of these boys and their cats. Adorable.

I am so intrigued about the Fuji x100t. One day!

25 things to do with kids on Long Island this summer.

All about back button focus.

Going to try making these breakfast cookies for Lila, the cookie monster.

This workout with kids is kind of genius. Something like this is the only way I am going to get any exercise in.

I love this post about capturing our children's environment in photos.

44 tips to improve your photography. Some good ones!

I'm kind of obsessed with Alex Webb's photography at the moment. I got one of his books for Mother's Day.

Be a photography shark: keep swimming or die.

An interview with Sally Mann. I just bought her memoir - looking forward to starting it this weekend!

Communication is key!

Discovering themes within your work.

Using Kelvin to achieve proper white balance.

The Photographer's Manifesto. This is good.

How to work a room. These are good tips for an introvert like me!

Tips for photographing your kids from Elena Shumilova.

I still don't understand color space, but this post attempts to explain it.

Wow! If you ever wondered about the difference between prints from a pro lab and prints from a drugstore - check out this post!

This article about the positive effect being a working mom has on your kids is so interesting!

* * *

Whew! All caught up.

Have a happy Memorial Day!